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    The Project refers to the design & development, data collection and uploading for launching, maintenance, operation and most importantly, promotion of  “CYhere Internet Platform”, abbreviated and branded as “CYhere”, which is a comprehensive internet platform aiming to integrate all business entities and individuals in all industries of Cyprus in an effort to promote Cyprus as an ideal destination for tourism and investment, as well as other economic, educational and cultural purposes, with China as the prime target market where there is huge source of outbound tourism and proven potential for inward investment for Cyprus, by boosting online visibility of the above entities and individuals.
    Special acknowledgement is made to Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) whose support has been rendered throughout the implementation of the Project.

    For the implementation of the Project a special purpose company (SPC)--- “CYhere Internet Platform Ltd.” has been established with the Registrar of Companies under the registration number HE364631.
    The management of the Company is executed with the support of a team of people from Cyprus and China with highly qualified technical, administrative and marketing background. The company's head office in China is located in Hangzhou the country's most “digitalized” city which has fostered numerous internet enterprises and witnessed the emergence of Alibaba as the world's e-commerce giant. The last time the city presented its beauty to the rest of the world was during September 2016 when the “G20 Hangzhou Summit” was held.

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder--- WANG Hong, MA
    Chief Operation Officer & Chief Finance Officer (COO&CFO)--- LI Jing, MA
    Chief Technical Officer (CTO)--- ZHANG Zhongxin, BS
    Chief Aesthetics Officer (CAO)---HU Xingchen, BA
    Technical Advisor--- ZHAO Tao, MS
    Project Manager(China)---YANG Qianlei, BS
    Project Manager(Cyprus)--- Stefanie YIANGOU,MA
    Senior Account Manager(Cyprus)---Konstantinos ARISTOTELOUS, BS

    Data recorded in December 2016 shows that China's “cyber citizens” reached 710 million, out of the country's 1.3 billion population;
    656 million out of the above 710 million accessed internet from smart phones more often than from PCs;
    173 million out of the above 710 million accessed internet ONLY from smart phones;
    448 million out of the above 710 million shopped online;
    On average each of the above 448 million did online shopping 62 times in 2016;
    445 million of the above 448 million arranged payment through APPs (Alipay&Wechat and others). Currently in urban areas many people do not carry cash or credit cards but only smart phones when they go shopping;
    264 million of the above 710 million were tourists and purchased touristic products through APPs of various OTAs (online travel agencies) ;
    150 million out of the above 710 million ordered their delivery online through various APPs;

Company Main Executives

  • WANG Hong (Founder&CEO)

    Known in Cyprus as Katia WANG since 2000;
    Was the manager of Cyprus branch ZTE Corporation, world's famous high-tech enterprise and telecommunication giant (2000-2006);
    Was the Deputy GM of BestTelComms, joint venture between ZTE&CYTA
    Initiator of Project & creator of “CYhere”.

  • LI Jing (COO&CFO)

    Known in Cyprus as Marina LI since 2009;
    Was a member of Cyprus mission China Development Bank, the state-owned bank whose mission is to finance projects with Chinese participation
    Was a marketing officer of  IronFx Global Limited, assisting the Chief Marketing Officer on the Company's marketing activities in China(2013-2016);
    Joined CYhere as COO&CFO in Nov 2016;

  • ZHANG Zhongxin (CTO)

    Awarded prizes in competitions while studying computer science at university(2006-2010);
    Marketing team leader in BAIDU(Chinese Google) (2010-2012);
    Founder & CEO of a social media agency for corporate promoting & marketing (2013-2015);
    Co-creator of “CYhere” and Chief Digital Marketing Officer & CTO.

  • HU Xingchen (CAO)

    Awarded gold prizes for 3 times, silver prizes for 5 times in subject competition while studying graphic design at university(2007-2011);
    Chief UI designer of over 80 company websites and/or APPs and Chief VI designer for over 20 companies (2011-2016);
    Joined as Chief UI designer of CYhere and Chief UI&VI designer of the Company (Chief Aesthetics Officer) in May 2016.

  • ZHAO Tao (Technical Advisor)

    Working experiences of 23 years in IT(1993-2016); Head of techinical departments in ZTE--world's famous hi-tech enterprise and telecommunication giant (2002-2010);
    Co-founder & Deputy GM of LiveCom—subsidiary of ZTE which provides telecom services for Chinese enterprises “going global” in response to the government's “One Belt One Road Initiative”(2010-2016);
    Joined as the Technical Advisor for the Project in July 2016.

  • YANG Qianlei (China PM)

    Studied computer science at university (2001-2005);
    Programmer & technical team leader in one of the biggest food&drink portals in China (2005-2007);  
    Project manager for banking system development for China Merchants Bank & China Minsheng Banking Corp (2007-2016);
    Joined as the China Project Manager in May 2016.

  • Stefanie YIANGOU (Cyprus PM)

    Graduated from The University of Manchester with a master's degree in DigitalTechnologies Communications & Education (2009);
    Sales Executive in Bosch Communication Centre Liverpool/UK 2009;
    Business Sales & Marketing Executive in TNT Express International (2009-2012);
    Financial Coordinator/ Associate Wealth Consultant in devere Group
    Business Sales Account Manager & Team Leader in MTN Cyprus(2013-2016);
    Joined the Company as the Cyprus Project Manager in Jan 2017.

  • Konstantinos ARISTOTELOUS (Cyprus Senior AM)

    Graduated from University of Nicosia with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (2014);
    IT Engineer at University of Nicosia (2012-2013)
    Corporate Client Sales Consultant & IT Analyst in Bionic (2014-2016);
    Business Sales Executive in MTN (2016-2017);
    Joined as the Cyprus Senior Account Manager in Jan 2017.

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  • Project Milestone

    March 2016

    Project initiated and proposed to Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) for endorsement and cooperation; Preliminary interest expressed by CTO through email;

    July 2016

    Official letter issued by CTO confirming endorsement and details given for CTO's support and responsibilities of both parties;

    Sept 2016

    Design of APP and prototype completed in China;

    Oct 2016

    Project presented and prototype demonstrated to CTO;

    Dec 2016

    “CYhere Internet Platform Ltd.” incorporated; APP logo design completed and approved by CTO;

    Jan 2017

    Company's Cyprus team built;

    March 2017

    Invitation for participation started;

    June 2017

    Official letter issued by KEBE(CCCI) confirming its support to CYhere;

    July 2017

    CYhere launched in China.

    Nov 2017

    Official introduction and recommendation of CYhere(branded as “RoadHere”—“问 路” in China) made by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China on its website;

    Dec 2017

    Official letter issued by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Cyprus (the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office) recommending CYhere(RoadHere).

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