CYhere: establishes Cypriot businesses visibility in China


Online marketing campaigns in China for “CYhere” in full swing since Oct 2017 and CYhere recorded excellent performance.

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CYhere is a new-generation internet platform which integrates business/other entities in various sectors of Cyprus including real estate, legal services, accounting/auditing services, financial services, education & training, tourism etc., and their products and/or services, in an aim to promote Cyprus as an ideal destination for investment and tourism in the targeted markets, mainly China, world’s second largest economy and a massive source of outbound investment (over 150 billion USD annually only at entrepreneurial level) with proven potentials for Cyprus. 

CYhere is branded as “问路” (pronounced as “wenlu”) in China, and has the honor to be officially recommended by the Ministry of Commerce of China on its website on 3rd November, 2017:

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO),Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI/KEBE), , Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Cyprus, Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in China also rendered support to CYhere. 

In its support letter to CYhere, CCCI (KEBE) pointed out that through CYhere, “Cyprus’ online visibility will be established in the most efficient and cost-effective way”, and further noted that “in this digital era CYhere is a great initiative to promote Cyprus to the Chinese market”. 

As a testimony to the above, during the past 6 months since CYhere started its full-scale online promotion in China, the platform has attracted a total number of 91,008 unique visitors with 10.9% repeated users. CYhere‘s support line has also processed enquires from Chinese users and assisted direct communication between the users and participants on CYhere (Cypriot businesses and/or other entities). 

Meanwhile, RoadHere, CYhere’s sister company based in Hangzhou China which specialized in overseas investment project management, has received a number of enquiries from Chinese enterprises (both stated-owned and private) about investment opportunities in Europe, and has shared such information with the participants on CYhere and initiated, among others, sourcing, listing and arranging site visits to hotel investment projects at the request of Chinese private companies. 

Additionally, with the support of CTO, CYhere’s associate has organized 10 groups and a total of 142 highly-influential travelers from China to Cyprus during 2017. The accumulated view count of the video clips made by these “influencers” about Cyprus have reached 58million on Chinese social media.  

WANG Hong, CEO of CYhere Internet Platform Ltd. commented: “We believe establishing and boosting the visibility of CYhere participants in China is only the first step of the journey. We look forward to the huge potential of the many business and investment opportunities between Cyprus and China being explored with the assistance of our company and our associates and partners.” 

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