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Speech by the Chairman of Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Mr. Angelos Loizou, on the occasion of Celebration Event for the Launch of “CYhere” held in Limassol on Thursday 21st September 2017.

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Dear All good evening,

It is a pleasure being here today, to celebrate together the launch of the CYhere platform. The CYhere platform, which operated commercially on the 18th of June, is the result of many hours of collective efforts both from the members of the project as well as CTO officers. CTO welcomed and supported this important initiative from the very beginning, with our main aim being the promotion of Cyprus as a tourist destination to China, probably to the biggest outbound source market for tourism, with huge prospects for further development.

With the development of the Chinese outbound tourism during the last decade, Cyprus offers an alternative opportunity to the Chinese traveler and is becoming more and more attractive as a tourist destination both as a single destination for tourism or as destination for combined tourist packages such as Greece and Cyprus. We consider the timing of launching the platform ideal since the Chinese tour operators and public are now seaching for new destinations for outbound travel and we have to work all together to develop the flow of incoming tourism from China to Cyprus.

Cyprus offers a variety of attractions within a small geographical area.  Archaeological sites, medieval monuments, Neolithic settlement, Byzantine churches and monasteries, picturesque mountain villages together with beautiful sandy beaches and quality beach hotels make Cyprus a unique destination that can please all visitors.  The blue skies and the turquoise blue sea have a particular appeal to the Chinese traveler.

The proximity of Cyprus to East Mediterranean destinations like Greece, Israel and Egypt make Cyprus an ideal base for a multi destination holiday.

Cyprus is becoming more accessible than ever from China.  Air China is commencing on September 30th a twice weekly operation with direct flights from Beijing to Athens and for sure this is a good opportunity for all of us. Furthermore, there are direct flights operated from Hainan Airlines and El Al Airlines from Beijing to Tel Aviv and additionally, there is a daily convenient connection through Dubai and Qatar from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.  Air connection is also possible through Europe, like Vienna and Moscow with competitive prices.

Based on the above, we are confident that it is only a matter of time before the Chinese traveler discovers Cyprus.  CYhere could become a very effective media in reaching our target market in China and inform them about Cyprus Finally, the outstanding political and diplomatic relations between China and Cyprus as well as our friendship will be further enhanced with the development of tourism.  We are in contact with Chinese tour operators and airlines and plan a closer cooperation so that we expand Chinese tourism to Cyprus.  The results are already promising.

I am indeed very honored to be here with you tonight and business initiatives like the CYhere platform will definitely further strengthen further our cultural and tourism relations.

(Source: Cyprus Tourism Organisation)

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