''Cyhere'' App to Attract Chinese Investors and Tourists


Aiming to promote Cyprus in China, the modern internet app “CYhere” was launched at an official event held in Limassol under the auspices of the Chinese embassy in Cyprus.

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The CYhere app – for smart phones, tablets and computers – was created with the aim of promoting Cyprus as an attractive investment destination and for a series of financial, educational and cultural reasons. It focuses on the Chinese market, which has huge potential to attract investments and tourists

In her speech, CYhere Project Manager Stephanie Yiangou noted: “This is an innovative app that targets a market with proven potential for inward investments for Cyprus and a huge source of outbound tourism.” Mrs Yiangou stressed “we are targeting China because we are well informed about the Chinese market. The founder and CEO of CYhere and other investors in the company have many years of experience in the investment segment as well as a large network and channels to Chinese investors.”

Mrs Yiangou added that participants on the platform will have their own space to present their corporate profile, the services they offer and their contact information. In essence, they will have their own page on the platform and will also be regularly informed about the platform’s traffic. Users will be able to download the app free of charge.

“Companies will also be able to communicate directly with other companies participating in the platform. We want Cypriot business entities to grow and get full exposure on an international level,” noted Mrs Yiangou, adding that “our objective is to promote Cyprus in China, contribute to the further development of the Cypriot economy and to support entrepreneurship.”

The platform will promote organisations and companies from various sectors of the Cyprus economy  such as developers, real estate agents, construction companies, architects, lawyers who provide immigration services, accountants and auditors, consulting companies, IT services, universities, colleges and private schools, companies selling or renting yachts, medical centres, travel agencies and tour operators registered with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and companies from all the business sectors of Cyprus who are seeking partnerships with Chinese companies (B2B).

The instigator of this app is the founder and CEO of CYhere, Ms. Hong Wang, who after several years of working with Cypriot companies identified several gaps in Cyprus-China business and professional relations which she aspires to cover with the new platform. In her speech, Mrs Wang expressed her warm thanks to the organisations who embraced this innovative initiative: the CTO, the CCCI, China’s Embassy in Cyprus and Cyprus’ Embassy in China.

It is worth noting that CYhere serves as a reference project for the implementation of the Chinese government’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.  The programme links Asia, Europe and the Pacific through trade, investments and infrastructure projects. Extending to more than 68 countries, it is directed at 4.4 billion people. Through this exceptionally ambitious initiative, China aspires to boost trade and boost economic growth in Asia and elsewhere.

Also addressing the event were: Michalis Sophocleous (Director of the Office of the President of Republic), Huang Xingyuan (Ambassador of China to Cyprus), Wang Hong (Senior Executive Director of CYhere), Alecos Michaelides (Permanent Secretary of the Transport Ministry), Niki Papadopoulou Papa (Head of the European and International Affairs Office of the Education Ministry), Angelos Loizou (CTO Chairman), Antis Nathanael (Director of the Cyprus-China Business Association), and Marios Tanousis (CIPA representative).



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