CYhere announces commercial launch: Promoting Cyprus in China


CYhere , a new-generation internet platform composed of mobile applications, PCand mobile websites, has officially announced its commercial launch. CYhere , as thename suggests, has been created to present and promote Cyprus in therestof th

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CYhere, a new-generation internet platform composed of mobile applications, PC and mobile websites, has officially announced its commercial launch.

CYhere, as the name suggests, has been created to present and promote Cyprus in the rest of the world as an ideal destination for investments and tourism, as well as other economic, educational and cultural purposes, targeting mainly China, a market with proven potential for inward investments for Cyprus and a huge source of outbound tourism.

CYhere, accessible through smart phones, tablets and PCs, will be available free of charge for downloading and browsing from its launching date, and will be promoted in China mainly through online marketing campaigns, in order to establish and boost visibility of the participants (entities) from various sectors in Cyprus such as real estate, professional services, education, tourism, etc., which are believed to be of interest to Chinese investors (entities and individuals), various agents and businesses, and individuals such as tourists. Participants and their products and/or services are presented in categories which are clearly labelled on the homepage of CYhere for easy navigation and viewing. The participants will be updated regularly about the viewer traffic during the platform’s operation and promotion.

Due to the fact that substantial input from Chinese enterprises specialising in internet technology has been rendered into the project, CYhere also serves as a reference project for the “One Belt, One Road (or Belt and Road) Initiative” which was proposed to countries along the “Silk Road” by Chinese president Mr. Xi Jinping in 2013. Such initiative is aimed to be implemented with massive investments from China, and the inclusion of Cyprus in this initiative was officially announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China during his visit to Cyprus in December 2015.

It is expected that CYhere when fully-flourished will contribute to the diversification of the country’s economy and the transformation of Cyprus into a regional applied knowledge-based hub, thereby setting a pioneering example in the implementation of the “Digital Strategy”, one of the top ten priorities of the European Commission and the Juncker Plan which emphasizes its aim to boost the European Union’s digital economy. Currently Europe and China are seeking to achieve better synergy between Europe's digital agenda and China's Internet Plus strategy in order to benefit the 1.1 billion Internet users in both the EU and China.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation has welcomed the initiative of CYhere, since the establishment of such a platform/application is an ideal way to reach prospective Chinese tourists who will have the chance to learn about the Cyprus tourism product and plan ahead for their trip to Cyprus.

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry also voiced its support to CYhere, stating that through CYhere, “[Cyprus’] online visibility will be established in the most efficient and cost-effective way”, and noting that “in this digital era CYhere is a great initiative to promote Cyprus to the Chinese market”.

WANG Hong, CEO of CYhere Internet Platform Ltd. commented: “We are pleased to unveil CYhere on schedule. This would not have been possible without the trust and support of CTO, CCCI, the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus, the Cyprus Embassy in China, and our participants. I must say that establishing and boosting the visibility of CYhere participants in China is only the first step in our journey. We look forward to the huge potential of the many business and investment opportunities between Cyprus and China being explored with the assistance of our company and our associates and partners.”

Invitation for participation in CYhere will continue after the launch, both in regard to existing as well as new categories that are to be added, such as Wholesale Products, Investment Projects, Shipping, Health Care etc., in order to explore the Country’s full potential said Stefanie Yiangou, Project Manager of the Company.

For more information about CYhere and to participate, interested parties may visit the company’s website and contact the company’s Corporate Department as specified below:

TEL: 70000081


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